We'll Bring the music. you bring the whiskey.

The Aldape Bootstompers are a Boise-based band of bluegrass hounds conceived in the foothills of Boise. Taking their name from the summit on which they first plucked strings over some whiskey and campfire, the Aldape Bootstompers — composed of Christy Rezaii and Connor Jay Liess — play an assortment of Americana music, including bluegrass, folk, indie folk, newgrass, and even the occasional left-field pop number. Sets include original and covered songs.

They'll play you a sappy love ballad if you ask nicely, but the darker, grittier numbers — grimy folk steeped in murderin', druggin', whiskey lovin', adulteratin', coffin crackin', boot stompin' arrangements — are what they like to jam.

Check them out on SoundCloud or Facebook, or contact directly for booking.